Nepal Earthquake Relief

Giving back 100% of Nepal Shawl Purchases to Disaster Relief

Over 6,000 people have died since the Nepal earthquake on April 25th 2015

There are 3 million people in need of food aid.

130,000 homes have been destroyed

415 million needed for humanitarian relief

We could wake up tomorrow and be faced with the same kind of nightmare. Your home, your neighborhood, your community, your life, your loves….just a pile of debris. Your prayers would in a second become the same as the victims of Nepal. No place is immune from natural disasters.
Nepal Earthquake relief givebackpackers
We have teamed up with Givebackpacker, Derek Smith in efforts to make a difference in the lives and communities that are struggling from this recent earthquake. While Derek was traveling around Nepal this April the Neupane Family whom reside in the tiny village of Karmidanda in Rasuwa district of Nepal opened their home and hearts to him.

The quake has crumbled the life they have worked so hard to build. Derek purchased an array of handmade colorful shawls from his journey through India and has now donated the beautiful shawls to our givebackpackers global online marketplace to help raise funding for this emergency.

nepal earthquake relief scarfscarves for nepal earthquake reliefshawl earthquake relief nepal

Each shawl is delicate and has either an OM, a Ganesh or a Buddha design on them.
They can be worn around the head, around the neck as a scarf, shoulders as a shawl or draped like a sari as pictured here.
They are so soft and comfortable but the best part is you will know your purchase went to help those in need.

We are giving back 100% of your purchase of our #NepalShawls line to the Neupane Family to aid rebuilding their home. Learn more about how personally impactful your purchase is on their gofundme page.

 The power is in your hands.

Choose to act.

Choose to make a difference.

Choose to be a part of the change.

 Take action and be a part of the givebackpackers #NepalShawls movement to create positive change, get yours now!