In May 2015, we led a group to Nicaragua to explore, learn and give back to the local community through art and education.
What we found was more than a need of school supplies and repairs, but a need for the most important resource, clean water.
We met Stu, a local and an engineer with over 12 years of experience building clean water systems and wells for rural areas of Central America.
Stu is working to help fix the dried well at El Tamborcito school where we went to volunteer. The well will provide water to the children who now walk 2 miles to the closest river for contaminated water to drink as well as the community of El Transito.
We raised $9,000 to fund the well project, repairs to the school including a new soccer goal set and swings, security and a new fence.

We will be returning this fall to visit the successful project and find another school to help.

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